Freemans Bay School has been an Enviro-school since 2015. The learning and progress was slowed while we went through our school’s redevelopment. 

In December 2018, we received the Silver Enviro-schools Award.  Currently, we are in the process of consolidating and embedding this achievement and learning. 

Over the next few years we will work towards becoming a sustainable community and focus on achieving our next goal of becoming a Gold Enviro-school.

The five guiding principles of Enviro-schools are…

  • Empowered Students
  • Learning for Sustainability
  • Māori Perspectives
  • Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures
  • Sustainable Communities 

Click on the link to find out more:  GUIDING PRINCIPLES  

Sustainability is a key to our longevity.  We aim to integrate the five guiding principles in all our learning and the action that we undertake. We are all encouraged to nurture people and nature now and in the future. We want to all leave Freemans Bay School with lifelong learning skills and beliefs that will help to maintain a healthy, environment, culture, society and economy.

Running in conjunction with Enviro-schools ethos is Travelwise.  We have a Travelwise Programme where students learn about sustainable practises, and where students and whānau are encouraged to travel to school in a sustainable way.

This year we have started to gain momentum on our enviro-schools journey and have many exciting projects underway. Click on the NEWS button to find out more!